Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mean and Stingy Amazon Exposed

Nice bit of Artivizm in downtown Seattle the other night.  On the walls of the Seattle Art Museum on the eve of Amazon's shareholder meeting. It comes on the heels of this embarrassing revelation about Bezos'/Amazon's corporate selfishness.  The gist: 

Amazon needs to pay its fair share of taxes.
  • Amazon paid an effective federal income tax rate of 2.6% in 2011--dramatically lower than the 35% rate set in law.
  • Amazon avoided paying millions in taxes by taking advantage of an outlandish loophole that gives them a $1 tax deduction for every $1 in stock options they give to executives.
Amazon needs to treat all their workers with respect.
  • Amazon's giant warehouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania was exposed last year for nightmarish working conditions, including indoor temperatures that rose above 100 degrees in the summer.
  • The company's initial response was not to increase ventilation or install air conditioning. Instead, they just stationed paramedics outside.
Amazon needs to cut ties with ALEC.
  • Amazon was a "Director Level" sponsor of ALEC in 2011.
  • ALEC has become notorious for its support of Stand Your Ground laws, as well as efforts to create tax loopholes, undermine workers rights, and make it harder for young people & people of color to vote.
  • While major corporations like McDonald's and Kraft have publicly dropped support for ALEC, Amazon has refused to do so.
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